The MBS_DASH CAN Filter is created for block CAN messages in the car CAN network. The Main MBS_DASH function is to repair (exchange to used parts) damage cluster to keep the original mileage in the cluster.

Model Support Part Number:-
LVL-600/001 - BMW CAS4, FEM, DASH ( F3x IKE, F3x with MOST, F15 Type 1, F15 Type 2, F18, F35, F56
LVL-600/002 - MB W164, W251
LVL-600/003 - MB W221, W212, W204, X204, W176, W246, W117, W156,W166, X166, W218, W172

1. CAS 4 Diagram
2. F35_IKE Diagram
3. F3x with MOST Diagram
4. F3x IKE Diagram
5. F56_Cluster Diagram
6. F15_Cluster Type I Diagram
7. F15_Cluster Type II Diagram
8. F18 Cluster Diagram
9. FEM Diagram

10. W212, W204, X204, W218
11. W176, W246, W117, W156,W166, X166, W172
12. W221, W216
13. R197 SLS



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